105 Academy, Week 3

Isn’t this the biggest eggplant you have ever seen??

A huge eggplant baby

Another week in 105 Academy has gone by… so what happened the past few days? we did a lot of fermenting : we made nut cheese, coconut yogurt and kefir( blah!).  We also made tofu, eggplant bacon, coconut bacon,granola, cookies, gorgeous savory & sweet crepes (which I accidently deleted the pictures from my camera :( ).There were a lot more things this week, but I have the memory span of a goldfish so I can’t really recollect every single thing we created…

Coconut Mountain

I’m in heaven : a mountain of cracked young coconuts, and 15L of coconut water neatly collected in a bucket…

Chocolate chip cookies

Raw chocolate chip cookies, with handmade chocolate chips, patiently piped by hand, one-by one…At first bite, I didn’t like these cookies, but they grew on me. After eating a box of them I decided I really liked them!

Chocolate Torte with Ginger Cream & Raspberry Coulis

A chocolate torte with ginger cream and raspberry coulis…I practiced my plating skills…still have a long way to go, but practice makes perfect!


These were “crab cakes” with a slaw and delicious sweet corn ragout! Food styling by Debbie Glassberg :)

Coconut Yogurt Parfait

Coconut yogurt parfait with mango and bee pollen. Hand model : Young Lee :)

Next week, starting tomorrow morning, will be all about creating our final graduation menu , so there will be a lot of recipe testing and kitchen disasters! Stay tuned.

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