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I have been wanting to make some doggy treats for Shanti (our doggie), but didn’t really know exactly how… Since I have been mixing leftover carrot pulp from carrot juice successfully in his regulars meals, I thought of making a treat with the pulp as a base. They came out very crunchy and delicious (yes, we also tried them). They are the biggest hit with Shanti as he loves to munch on these everyday-and he is a very very picky eater. Probably the pickiest in the house :)

4 cups carrot pulp
1/4 cup spinach pulp
1/2 cup flaxseed
1/4 cup almond butter*
1/4 cup tamari
6 pitted dates
2 tbsp smoked paprika
1 tsp black salt/kala namak (optional)
1 tsp liquid smoke (optional)

Mix the ingredients together and use your hands to mix everything together very well. Shape into bite sized cookies and bake them or dehydrate at 115F for 8 hours, flipping half way.

These cookies of course can be enjoyed by both humans and dogs, but I made them quite strong smelling and tasting so that the dogs want to eat them since they like smelly food!

*If you don not want to give almonds to your dog, you can substitute with tahini, peanut butter or sunflower butter.

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Shanti Hearts

  • Stef

    Great idea!

  • bitt

    I am not sure why my comment was not published. I don’t want any dogs to suffer. If you do some research you will see that almonds are commonly on the “don’t eat” list for dogs. I am glad your dog is ok but not all dogs can handle almonds. Why take a chance?

  • Seton

    JUST FYI- most don’t eat lists you’ll find online are based off of the nutritional information we have used as data for human consumption. Raw eggs really have no ill effect on dogs, and most dog food (even ”grain free” and raw foods) contain garlic and onion powder for flavor- both of which are on several do not feed lists.
    almonds aren’t necessarily fatal — while i am not a veterinarian, i can vouch for the safety of dogs eating a few of the foods most people warn against. my shepherd has grown up on avocados — we lived in cali and he would sometimes eat them off the plant in the backyard, even. he’s just fine, and the eggs & avos helped his coat out quite a bit. as a complete diet i’m sure these things would prove unhealthy but as supplements there is no problem. do your own extensive research into these ”dont eat” lists before deciding what to feed your dog. if you want to omit something it’s your choice.. but there are a lot of food rules that simply arent the same for dogs and humans.
    kind of gross example, but i bet a human would get sick after eating a few socks/dirty pairs of underwear… yet dogs eat them FAR too often :P different systems.

    more importantly, what kind of dog do you have? his precious lil muzzle looks a lot like my white german shepherd’s nose. just wonderin.

  • Giuseppe

    Just to clear this up… Almonds are on the “dont eat” list for dogs mainly because they choke on them easily in their natural shape, not because the actual almond is bad for them.. Yes, some dogs might get an upset stomach eating almonds, while others wont.. I guess you’ll never know unless you try..

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