Nata De Coco Fruit Salad

As I was shopping at Wok Shop (Asian grocery store), I noticed a jar with transparent cubes inside, labeled coconut gel (nata de coco). Thinking it was young coconut pulp-or something like that- I bought it. Turns out, it wasn’t! haha. Nata de coco is a jelly made  by fermented young coconut water. But its not really like a jelly. First you think it will be like a jelly but the second you chew on it, coconut water starts oozing out of it and its gone! Just like that. After trying it 3-4 cubes, I got hooked! This stuff is addictive…And then I started thinking how good it would be in a fruit salad!

Nata de coco comes from Philippines and is high in dietary fiber, and it has zero fat and cholesterol content. No preservatives or other chemicals are added to it. The only thing I wasn’t very excited about, is that in the jar its packed with a syrup that contains sugar, but I just washed the cubes under water. Also the nata de coco I bought has a light banana scent which is really nice! This fruit salad I made is very refreshing, perfect for a hot summer day.

You need :
-1/2 cup melon cubed/ 1/2 κούπα πεπόνι
-1 yellow mango/1 κίτρινο μάνγκο
-1-2 peaches/1-2 ροδάκινα
-3 tbsp nata de coco/ 3 κ.σ. nata de coco [ζελέ καρύδας]

Wash fruit and nata de coco, cut fruit in cubes and add everything together in a bowl. Of course you can substitute all the fruits with what you have on hand and add nata de coco. Its a great breakfast along with some cold almond milk!

Καθαρίστε όλα τα φρούτα και κόψτε τα σε κυβάκια. Ανακατέψτε όλα τα υλικά σε ένα μπωλ. Αν θέλετε μπορείτε να χρησιμοποιήσετε άλλους συνδιασμούς φρούτων μαζί με το nata de coco. Μια πολύ δροσιστική φρουτοσάλατα, ιδανική για πρωϊνό μαζί με φρέκο κρύο αμυγδαλόγαλο.

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