Vegan Kormos/Mosaiko

This is a very-verrrrrry classic greek dessert. It’s popular for many reasons… it’s really cheap to make it, super easy and quite addictive. It also looks great.The downside? It’s filled with sugar, eggs and butter or margarine…So I have been stuck with this idea to make an updated version of […]


This recipe is inspired by my soul sister, Demi. We were once in a situation of too many pumpkins and no potatoes, so she had the idea of cooking the pumpkin same way we roast potatoes in Greece -that is with lemon juice and oregano. It’s so delicious, light and […]

Vegan Kariokes

One of the many delicious festive greek treats that may appear on Christmas plates along kourabiedes, diples, melomakarona and kormos are kariokes. Kariokes look like half moon shaped chocolates that are filled with a mixture of ground cookies, cocoa, sugar, eggs and butter. Obviously not what you would consider a […]

Creamy Roasted Chestnut Soup

This soup takes a little effort to make, but I promise you will not regret making it. It’s a delicious, creamy, sweet and festive soup that uses roasted chestnuts as a base.

ingredients for 10-12 servings 1 head garlic 4 leeks, chopped 500gr whole chestnuts (about 4 cups […]