Vegan Kormos/Mosaiko

This is a very-verrrrrry classic greek dessert. It’s popular for many reasons… it’s really cheap to make it, super easy and quite addictive. It also looks great.The downside? It’s filled with sugar, eggs and butter or margarine…So I have been stuck with this idea to make an updated version of […]

Buffalo Mozzarella

I have no words…this recipe that came out of nowhere, makes an incredible mozzarella that tastes how I remember dairy buffalo mozzarella tasting, only better! Just go make this. Like, now. It’s so easy to make and it will impress everyone.

400gr plain soy yogurt 1/4 cup virgin […]

Vegan Tsoureki

Tsoureki is the Greek sweet Challah bread, flavored with mastiha, mahlepi and mavrokouki. Every Christmas and Easter of my life this is the smell I remember…Eating tsoureki for a week after New Years, because we have so much left over…Not that I ever complained! Last year I made a successful […]

Kormos Melomakarono

If you are Greek, these weeks your house, or anywhere you go for that matter, is filled with piles and piles of melomakarona. Sometimes you may find yourself with so many of these Christmas cookies, you get uncomfortable. For all of you who want to get rid of the melomakarona […]