Shiitake Cabbage Rolls with Chestnut Cream

I had a savoy cabbage in my fridge for more than a week and had no idea what to do with it…I remembered that traditionally they are stuffed with meat and rice, and served with an egg based sauce, so I made my version using meaty shiitake mushrooms and tempeh […]


Veggie Wedgie has been abandoned for a while…So what’s been going on behind the scenes? Besides waiting for the book to be published, several things have been going on, all of them away from the kitchen. Hence the lack of posts/recipes… Amongst traveling, intense yoga practice and juice fasting, there was some […]

Watermelon Mint Ice


Just got back to boiling hot Athens. Even the thought of tuning on the stove makes me sweat. How to beat the heat off? Stay away from the kitchen… and enjoy watermelon mint ice!

1 cup diced watermelon mint leaves

Freeze watermelon for 4 hours. Blend with […]

The “It’s Spring” Dish

Spring has officially arrived : Anything left outside for a few seconds will be covered in spring pollen! My car has turned yellow from black and any outdoor surface is completely covered with the yellow dust. There isn’t even a point in cleaning it up cause a few hours later will be back to […]