This recipe is inspired by my soul sister, Demi. We were once in a situation of too many pumpkins and no potatoes, so she had the idea of cooking the pumpkin same way we roast potatoes in Greece -that is with lemon juice and oregano. It’s so delicious, light and […]

In Season : Brussels Sprouts

It’s Brussels sprout season! Ok maybe not everyone finds these news as exciting as I do…But I happen to really love Brussels sprouts. I like the way they look, like tiny little cabbage balls-which is actually what they are, anyway! Also they have strong anti-cancer properties, like their cousin Mr.Broccoli.

So many people are […]

Duchess Potatoes go Vegan

Duchess potatoes is basically seasoned mashed potatoes that are then combined with eggs and cream, then shaped and baked to become crispy golden and stay creamy inside. I veganized a basic recipe, added my favorite potato spice (oregano) and piped them in small bites. The result was delicious bite sized crunchy potato croquettes! This […]

Instant Banana Crunch Ice cream

I had a dream the other night that I owned an ice cream shop with my boyfriend and we only sold ice cream with frozen bananas as a base. We had flavors like banana-caramel, banana-vanilla, banana-chocolate, banana choc-chip, banana peanut butter, banana-pistachio and strawberry-banana!! It was a very funny dream but it made me […]