Sour Kiwi Chia Jelly

This was a very quick recipe that I made up with some overripe kiwis I had in the fridge for a while. It turned out great so I had to share it. You can enjoy it as a sweet&sour dipping sauce, or as a condiment on soy yogurt, or mixed in a fruit […]

Vegan Kariokes

One of the many delicious festive greek treats that may appear on Christmas plates along kourabiedes, diples, melomakarona and kormos are kariokes. Kariokes look like half moon shaped chocolates that are filled with a mixture of ground cookies, cocoa, sugar, eggs and butter. Obviously not what you would consider a […]

Shanti Hearts

I have been wanting to make some doggy treats for Shanti (our doggie), but didn’t really know exactly how… Since I have been mixing leftover carrot pulp from carrot juice successfully in his regulars meals, I thought of making a treat with the pulp as a base. They came out […]

Watermelon Mint Ice


Just got back to boiling hot Athens. Even the thought of tuning on the stove makes me sweat. How to beat the heat off? Stay away from the kitchen… and enjoy watermelon mint ice!

1 cup diced watermelon mint leaves

Freeze watermelon for 4 hours. Blend with […]