Shiitake Cabbage Rolls with Chestnut Cream

I had a savoy cabbage in my fridge for more than a week and had no idea what to do with it…I remembered that traditionally they are stuffed with meat and rice, and served with an egg based sauce, so I made my version using meaty shiitake mushrooms and tempeh […]

Dude Food Portobello Burgers

Trying to find a vegan recipe that will satisfy a junk food craving, but won’t kill you in the process? Try these portobello burgers. They are not the healthiest thing ever but they are far better than fried and processed soy veggie burgers…Although I am avoiding bread, and any type […]

Mushroom Scallops

I first tried Eringii mushrooms last year, when I found them at my local Asian store. I tried them grilled and smothered with barbecue sauce and they were delicious! But when I went to New York this summer, I tried them at Pure Food and Wine as scallops! Yes you heard correctly. And they […]