Sour Kiwi Chia Jelly

This was a very quick recipe that I made up with some overripe kiwis I had in the fridge for a while. It turned out great so I had to share it. You can enjoy it as a sweet&sour dipping sauce, or as a condiment on soy yogurt, or mixed in a fruit […]

Instant Hot Hazelnut Chocolate

After a loooooong and much needed break from the blog, I feel inspired again to share recipes with all of you! The past 5 months I have been experimenting a lot (as always) with my diet and still have not concluded somewhere…But along the way, I have had some interesting […]

Choco-coco Raspberry Granola

Even though granola is something that we always have lying around, I have never made it myself. I am not quite comfortable with the store-bought one, since it contains loads of sugar and unknown sources of palm oil. This morning we were out of granola and thought of finally trying to make […]

Watermelon Mint Ice


Just got back to boiling hot Athens. Even the thought of tuning on the stove makes me sweat. How to beat the heat off? Stay away from the kitchen… and enjoy watermelon mint ice!

1 cup diced watermelon mint leaves

Freeze watermelon for 4 hours. Blend with […]