Chinese Cabbage & Fennel Salad

I like to think that the world is in desperate need of different salad recipes. You might be thinking “Salads are not really recipes” but I believe there is an art behind making salad. Everything matters. The kind of greens you use, the way you chop them, the way you make the dressing…A good salad has to be really fresh, with some textures going on and a really yummy dressing!

I usually stick to the same kind of salad, which consists of mixed baby greens (green lettuce, red lettuce, wild arugula, spinach, lamb’s lettuce), avocado, lemon, olive oil, nutritional yeast, pepper and various fresh herbs. I love this salad so much, that I rarely make a different kind. Sometimes I make a balsamic vinaigrette, but it’s still the same baby greens.

Today I opened the fridge and realized I was out of baby greens! Kinda disappointed I brainstormed to create a salad with what I had on hand. The result was delicious, (even though I still love my baby greens!). So if you are in a salad rut and want something different, but can’t figure out what to make, use this recipe :)

This salad is crisp and tastes really refreshing!

Ingredients for 2 servings

-1 fennel bulb/1 φινόκιο
-1 Chinese cabbage/1 Κινέζικο λάχανο
-2 stalks spring garlic/2 πράσινα σκόρδα
-1 green apple/1 πράσινο μήλο
-1 lime/1 λαϊμ
1 tsp mustard/ 1 κ.γ. μουστάρδα
-2 tbsp olive oil/2 κ.σ. ελαιόλαδο
-some leaves of the fennel/λίγο φρέσκο μάραθο (το πάνω μέρος από το φινόκιο)
-salt to taste/αλάτι
-3 tbsp raw pine nuts/ 3 κ.σ. ωμο κουκουνάρι

Finely chop the Chinese cabbage, the fennel bulb, some of the fennel leaves and the apple. Juice the lime and mix with olive oil, mustard and salt. In a bowl mix the salad, pour in the dressing and top with pine nuts.

Ψιλοκόβουμε το λάχανο, το φινόκιο, το μάραθο και το πράσινο μήλο. Στίβουμε το λαϊμ και το ανακατεύουμε με το λάδι, τη μουστάρδα και το αλάτι. Σε ένα μπωλ ανακατεύουμε όλα τα σαλατικά, περιχύνουμε με τη σάλτσα και πασπαλίζουμε από πάνω το κουκουνάρι.

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