Nut Roast Cupcakes

I have been thinking to make a nut roast since last year, that I had one with my boyfriend in London. The one we had was a ready cashew nut roast that you just add water and bake. He loved it and has been asking ever since to make him one again, from scratch. But the thing is that nut roast is not very photogenic. Its like an ugly loaf! Of course if you have a big dinner and want to serve it as a main dish you make it like that so it looks [ well kind of ] like a roast that you cut off your piece. But I wanted something cute to take pictures of, so I made these in a muffin pan, then made a very thick onion gravy to top them and decorated with extra pine nuts. Feel free to make it however you want. If you do make it like me, then you can serve as a cool appetizer!

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