Peach Donuts Glazed with White Chocolate & Pistachios

Hello friends!

Peach Donuts Glazed with White Chocolate & Pistachios

These treats are somewhere between a donut, an ice cream and a peach! Sounds good? Wondering what happened here?

Let’s start from the beginning…

Keeping up with the blog has been quite challenging the past few months, as I have been traveling and doing a lot of non-food related things, such as acrobatics… Also I have been feeling quite fed up with food and uninspired to develop new recipes…Even the thought of quitting the blog crossed my mind, as I felt that veggie wedgie is quite saturated with recipes. Being back home, I took a few days off the kitchen and…I felt inspired again to make some new recipes! You know when you are really fed up by something you love because it has become more of an obligation than a hobby? And the moment you are free of it, you get inspired to start again, because you remember how much you love it for what it is! The mind plays tricks like that I guess…

The idea for this recipe came last night when I was relaxing after a long hot day in the streets of Athens. It is quite a peculiar, unexpected recipe and it all started from my deep love of flat peaches.

Until now, the only thing I ever did with flat peaches, was to eat them plain and simple, since they are so good. But lately I have been seeing all these raw donut recipes that look wonderful. Although I love the idea and the way they look, I am not a big fan of raw cake, since they are usually heavy and dense due to the nuts in them. And that’s when the idea of using the flat peaches came in. They are already shaped liked donuts, so the only thing left is to glaze and sprinkle them! Plus they are a very refreshing summery treat. What more to ask? The flavor combination of pistachios, peach and white chocolate is divine.

Peach Donuts Glazed with White Chocolate & Pistachios


8-10 ripe donut peaches
100gr raw cacao butter
40gr powdered raw brazil nuts or macadamias
4tbsp agave powder
pinch of ground vanilla bean
1/3 cup finely chopped raw pistachios

To prepare the peaches, use a paring knife to cut around the middle and carefully remove the pit. Then peel off the skin with your hands. If it is too hard to do, then the peaches are not ripe enough. Freeze peaches for about an hour.
In a bowl, combine cacao butter, ground brazil nuts, agave powder and vanilla. Place over a pot of hot water and let it melt, stirring so that everything is well combined. Now dip each donut peach in the melted white chocolate once. The chocolate will set fast because the peaches are frozen. Dip a second time and before the chocolate sets, press on side of the donut in chopped pistachios. Repeat with all donuts.

To enjoy these, I recommend eating them the same day, or storing in the fridge for 2 days max. In you want you can also freeze them and it like sorbet ice cream. I prefer not to eat them frozen because the inside is really juicy and it doesn’t give you brain freeze!

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Let me know how it goes :)

Peach out.

Peach Donuts Glazed with White Chocolate & Pistachios

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