Juicespirations // Pomegranate & Turmeric //

Juicespirations // Pomegranate & Turmeric //

Juice fasting has been such a great experience and I want to share more of it on the blog. This is why I am starting a series of “Juicespirations” which will be suggestions for flavor combinations in juicing. Hopefully you will find it inspiring and motivating…

Having only juice for a few days might sound boring, but there are many yummy combinations you can come up with to things it more interesting and keep you going.

Today’s juice is pomegranate with turmeric root. I would say it s more of an elixir than a juice. Pomegranate is of my all time favorite fruit and is now in season.  It is very rich in antioxidants which gives it anti-cancer and anti-aging properties. It also helps lower cholesterol, blood pressure, prevents plaque build-up in arteries as well as dental plaque. So get yourself as much of this amazing superfood as you can until the season is over!

Turmeric root is a powerful liver detoxifier and has antiseptic properties. Also it is anti-inflammatory and has strong cancer-fighting properties. You can get it fresh in some specialty Indian stores or dried in any spice store. Of course fresh is much more potent and great for juicing.

 // Pomegranate & Turmeric Elixir //

2 pomegranates,  juiced

1 piece of fresh turmeric, juiced

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6 comments to Juicespirations // Pomegranate & Turmeric //

  • This is a great juice idea! Turmeric can be an interesting addition to any juice, and finding a way to work it in can be a challenge! I like the idea of pomegranates, which is something I never thought about mixing with turmeric. On top of everything you mentioned above, turmeric is a great aspirin or ibuprofen substitute. It has been shown in studies to be very similar to these, and without all of the side effects to boot!

    I am about to start a juice cleanse this month (Yes I will be braving the chill of winter while juice cleansing.) and love to check out new recipes and posts for inspiration!

    Thanks for sharing this awesome pomegranate and turmeric juice recipe! Going to be sharing this on all of my social networks! Have a great day!

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