Greek Mama Superfoods Shiitake Mushrooms!

I got these shiitake mushrooms from Mama Superfoods. They are cultivated in north Greece. Yes, you heard correctly. Greek fresh shiitake mushrooms. Totally delicious. I made a raw shiitake ravioli recipe from Matthew Kenney’s Entertaining in the Raw and they came out amazing. These mushrooms are top-notch quality. To order you own shiitake mushrooms […]

Raw Food Classes with Mama Superfoods and special guest Shanti Devi

Η μαγείρισα Shanti Devi από Νεά Υόρκη ερχέται στην Αθήνα για δύο μοναδκά μαθήματα ωμοφαγικής μαγειρικής με υπερτρόφες από όλο τον κόσμο.Η Shanti Devi ( ταξιδεύει εδώ και κάποιους μήνες με τον διάσημο ωμοφάγο, ερευνητή και ειδικό φυσικής διατροφής και υγείας, David Wolfe ( και θα μας παρουσιάσει τις νεότερες συνταγές και πληρόφοριες για […]

Super Sundayz, part 4

The famous raw brownie!

Yesterday another delicious vegan/raw feast took place at Kimatothrafsti, Exarcheia. This was our awesome-wholesome! menu :

-cold gazpacho soup -soy kabobs -veggie stir fry -rawking! samosas -raw pizza with sunflower cheese, chipotle zucchini, olives and sundried tomatoes -baked brown rice with oyster mushrooms -buckwheat with beans -amaranth with bokchoy, zucchini and […]

Mama Sundayz, take 3

Last Sunday we decided to have at least one raw main dish. They reason we haven’t done this the other Sundays is because raw foods are quite expensive, and most people don’t realize the quality [the reason of the high price], they just want to eat cheap. But since we are doing this to […]